Everblue and COVID-19.  Our sanitzing wipes follow World health organization's formula. visit who
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Alcohol Free

Alcohol free formula with scent and moisturizing effect

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How it works

Virus meets Everblue

Virus and bacteria on your hands
or on the surface encounter
75% isopropyl alcohol.

Virus DNA is destroyed

Virus and bacteria both have
DNA made of protein. Alcohol
destroys the structure.

Everblue wipes off

Virus and bacteria can no longer
survive with their DNA destoryd.
Simply wipe off with Everblue.

Effective material, formula

Premium non-woven material traps virus and bacteria. Everblue's extra strong formula with 75% isopropyl alcohol kills germs rapidly. (This is WHO recommended percentage)


Large size, Individually packed sachets. 4.7”x5.9” (sachet 2.3”x3.1”)

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Alcohol 75%
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